Mindfulness Skills for Recovery Online Group

The ABQ Research Lab and the @UNM Alcohol Specialty Clinic are pleased to offer an online recovery group to New Mexico Residents.

Mindfulness training can be helpful for increasing awareness of triggers, habitual patterns, and “automatic” reactions. This 1 hour twice weekly group treatment, provided by graduate students at the University of New Mexico Alcohol Specialty Clinic will be entirely online and provide instruction in the core practices of mindfulness-based relapse prevention, a group-based treatment for individuals in recovery from addictive disorders.

The mindfulness group includes 8 sessions and new participants can join any time. The group has been shown in research to improve mental health symptoms, decrease craving for alcohol, and increase compassion and mindfulness in daily life.

Open to New Mexico residents with internet access in a private setting.

Please call (505) 277-5165 for more information.

ABQ Research Lab, Director: Dr. Katie Witkiewitz

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